About MKF Interests, LLC


Founded in 2012, MKF Interests, LLC is a high technology creative services corporation with initial operations in the Houston area near to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC).

We were originally established to provide proposal and brainstorming support services for small businesses serving NASA, the Department of Defense (DoD), Other Government Agencies (OGAs), and high volume commercial products and services.


Our multi-disciplinary approach enables MKF to identify solutions to problems otherwise not easily recognized. While having access to many technologies, MKF is uniquely positioned to solve problems in other industries.

Our approach focuses on improving business workflow, integration of automated systems, and process improvement. This enables businesses to increase employee productivity and profits with minimal changes. The bump steering approach results in employee embracing growth rather than resisting change.

Goal and Objectives

Our business objective focuses on developing solutions that are positioned to be a stand alone business product. With this approach, we often times take on projects at significantly lower costs than other consulting companies.

Our ultimate goal is to not just talk, rather, we want to integrate our team into yours, roll up our sleeves and take ownership in your success.

Most people focus on the symptoms and not the problem
Our approach helps identify the root cause, resulting in significant savings towards developing a solution
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